5th December 2016 - 29th January 2017

Tripp Gallery presents an exhibition of art prints, publications and books by contemporary artists, shown alongside their original art works.

The show aims to show the diverse range of the printed image and edition used in publication. Every artist has a unique approach to how an art work can be re-translated through print: these different approaches creates publications and editions that demonstrate the complexity of artistic practice and production. Tripp Gallery’s current exhibition presents these approaches by displaying original artworks alongside editions, artist’s work alongside publications. The exhibition will include multiple mediums and forms (books; originals paintings and artworks alongside through reproductions; photography; etching; silkscreen; letterpress; digital prints). There will also be film and audio installations related to exhibited books.

Exhibiting artists & artworks will include: Goya’s Disasters of War with original example with the The Prado book published on the Disasters of War; Night Letters by Roger Hilton with actual drawing example from the book; Palle Nielsen’s Orpheus and Eurydice with original lino cuts; original publications by Gilbert and George. Kathe kollwitz large etching Tod Und Frau.

These will be presented alongside a wide range of new contemporary artists books including works from the Tripp Press as well as Salon Flux.

Contemporary artists under Tripp Press: Chris Burns: Kingdom and Little Known Works; Les Biggs; Pinnichio; Jaime Valtierre etchings; Dave Baby etchings. Narration of short story by Chris Burns playing with images ‘Little Known Works’ https://vimeo.com/56799158

Also black light/UV room with examples of UV etchings and artist made t-shirts and silk scarves.