30th September 2016 - 10th December 2016

A collection of work by Artists whom Tripp intends to exhibit and support in the future with a program of solo shows. The exhibition includes painting, print and sculpture; an emphasis on painting with an underlying figurative theme. Subject matter which we first assume is purely of the domestic or everyday, but on further inspection, the imagery reveals more personal exorcisms and symbolic intent extracted from the banal.

What’s it going to be then, eh?

The singular question in the making of a piece of art is whether a work’s aesthetic outweighs its meaning or whether the concept or idea overshadow the visceral power of a piece. In this exhibition and also in line with Tripps’ future intentions, there will be an aim to display works that combine ingenuity of both process and concept, where the ‘idea’ should maintain an ambiguity rather than a telegraphed message and the technique should aim for invention rather than virtuosity; where an art piece should have the quality of an enigma; inviting the viewer to ask their own questions.

Ehism or The New Disinhibition – Text by Nua Tyczne

Exhibited artists:
Les BiggsAnna Burel, Michael Hazell, Shona Sharma, Jaime ValtierraChristopher GeeWilliam AlexanderChris BurnsAngeli SowaniMark PearsonPeter Rudolfo